p4f 07 The Tyrant

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Shortly before W.W.II. a real tyrant ruled over a prospering farmstead near Vienna.
Besides venting his anger on his wife and daughter, he more often did so on their young servant girl. Yet once, in a fury, he was so furious that he even took his wife out to the barn, tied her to a post, and whipped her unmercifully.
For this tyrant, it was unthinkable that his young daughter would have any contact with boys. But in puberty, one gets the itch; and since there were no young men around, his daughter seduced the servant girl. When they were discovered, the mother blamed only the servant, who was then severely punished.
However, when this tyrant found out a few weeks later that his own daughter was the real hussy, she then felt the full brunt of his rage. He might have beaten her to death, but this story came to a different, yet still tragic, end.