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Hard Business


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A homeowner wants to let a contract for painting his house. The company he chooses has an unusual specialty: it only employs women. To test their competence, he asks them to paint just one room. But once the girls are alone, they begin fooling around: they paint each other´s breasts and bottoms and leave colorful impressions of their body parts on the wall.
By chance, the owner happens to catch a glimpse of these shameless activities and is properly outraged. He considers the test a failure and is on the verge of declining to have the company paint the rest of his house.
But he offers to go through with the deal anyway if the girls are willing to accept punishment for their silly behavior.
The girls consent to this proposal - with painful consequences. All 3 will be given a severe dose of corporal punishment. One of them will be given a good whipping and the other two will make their acquaintance with the cane, whose stinging strokes will paint its own vivid patterns upon their derrières.