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Strict Prison 2


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This is a tough women´s prison.
So tough that the inmates are given a routine beating every month.This alternates between being given on
the bare back and on the naked buttocks.
The blows administered during these monthly punishments sting like fire and always leave the skin reddened to a greater or lesser degree.
But the strokes inflicted as punishment after a violation of prison rules make the victim feel as if they had been dealt with a sword.
Every blow is felt as though it cuts right into the flesh.
Inevitably, each leaves a painfully swollen and pulsating welt, and those lingering stripes remind the delinquent women of their offences for weeks to come.
Two women prisoners attack a female guard and take revenge on her for their brutal treatment in the facility.
They chain her to the bars of their cell and whip her unmercifully. After what seems an eternity, the guard is finally rescued by her supervisors.
The two women inmates are then stripped for punishment.
For having assaulted a prison guard, both undergo correctional discipline by receiving numerous blows on their buttocks with a whippy cane.