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Judicial Caning 2


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Two friends are chatting about the new job one of them has just gotten: She's been hired as a medical assistant at the Ministry of Justice.
It's a very interesting job, since it requires her to register and attend to the young women who accept corporal punishment as an alternative to prison.
She is responsible for giving them a preliminary examination and preparing them for the dozens of cane strokes generally administered. In order to prevent these girls from losing control while being beaten, they must first relieve themselves in her presence.
Once the punishments are ended, she then has to tend to the blistered bottoms of the unfortunate offenders still stretched out on the restraining frame. In her job, she also sees the depth of fear in the faces of some of these girls.
And she also sees the unwilled tears that the infernal slashes of the cane force from their eyes.
These are strokes administered without compassion or mercy.