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Black Widow


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A cunning young lady sent her rich husband to an early grave. But she needed to find a way to make sure that she herself, not her stepdaughter, inherited everything. So she devised a plan.
In a certain disreputable psychiatric clinic, patients minds are being altered. Using electroshock techniques, the victims are robbed of their memory and, instead of being cured, become complete psychological wrecks.
The chief therapist of this clinic readily agrees to help the lady.
He sees an opportunity to indulge his passion for taking advantage of helpless and unresisting women patients. He has a special liking for beating his defenseless victims, and the stepdaughter will become one of them. She is drugged, brought to the clinic, and soon receives her initial thrashing.
Completely naked, she is strapped on to special platform, with her head beneath its base and her ass in the air, to be properly caned. Following that, on her knees and arms above her head, her back is savagely lashed.