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School Days


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The girls in this school are becoming cheekier every semester.
Their constant cribbing on tests, copying off each other, and chattering during class have finally become too much for their exasperated teacher.
She takes them to the Director's office for correction. There, each of them is taken across his knee for an unexpected bare-bottom spanking.
After some consultation with the teacher, the Director suggests that the next time the girls get out of line they should all be given a good lashing on their bare backs with a multi-thonged whip.
But the teacher thinks it would be more proper to introduce the girls to the sting of the cane instead. Of course, it's not long before the girls are once again acting up and being insolent.
And that provides an opportunity to make their naked derrieres dance to the tune of the rod.
Reviving this traditional method, all three of these young ladies receive the stripes and welts they so obviously deserve.