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The Spanking Machine 3


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In response to the great demand for additional scenes with the Spanking Machine, we have answered your requests with a third edition DVD in which it is put to painful use.
Again fitted with a whip, this time it is felt by 4 of our most beautiful girls.
Lea and Daria get to feel its burning kisses directly on their shapely and totally nude breasts.
Secured so that they can see the Whipping Machine as it cocks itself and pauses before each stroke, they also experience the anxiety of knowing that at any second their torso will be lashed.
Regina takes her machine-delivered stripes on her bare bottom. Her lovely cheeks grow hotter and redder as stroke after stroke cuts across them, and her face betrays just how excruciating her punishment is.
Tiffany gets a relentless whipping on her naked back. She, too, must experience the intense agonies from the countless lashes of the implacable machine.

We feel honor bound to caution our faithful fans that the scenes shown in p4f 029 can be also be seen as video clips available to subscription members on our sister web site www.thespankingmachine.com. We advise you of this so you will not inadvertently be paying twice for the same material.